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Sejak Tisane

Sejak Tisane

Organic Sejak Green Tea 세작 May 2022 Harvest

Grown in the Jiri mountains in a bamboo grove and processed by an organic certified farm (JAS, USDA, EU) which has been naturally cultivating traditional Korean organic teas for decades. Sejak is the third grade of tea picked after Woojeon during the first week of May using one bud and two leaves.  The leaves are mature and create a bold-tasting tea compared to Hwahoo and Woojeon.  Mature leaves have more tannins creating a refreshing bitterness and complexity.  This is offset by roasting in slightly higher temperatures and gives it a powerful aroma and delicious baked after taste.  Sejak is slightly savory with a delicate minerality that pairs very well with food like cheese, chocolate, seafood, and white wine. 

*KAS Korean Organic Certified with a USDA equivalency


Hadong, Korea

Flavor Profile:

Honeydew melon, toasted almonds, kale


10 x 5g for 50g

Net weight:

50g (1.8oz)

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